Friday, May 16, 2014

Family Frenzy Friday

I've not done a FFF post in a long time.  Not sure certainly isn't for a lack of things going on.  So, here's a breakdown of what's going on in our house...

She is wrapping up 7th grade...only one more week.  Dance competitions are over and she only has the recitals left.  I'm proud of how she has grown this year and can't believe she'll be in the 8th grade.  7th Grade was a challenge...especially science...but boy did she kick butt in math.

She and I have had some pretty major squabbles lately...teenager girls and moms don't get along real well.  I'm hoping these are simply blips on the screen and not going to become the norm.  I'd hate to have to ship her off to boarding school.

This boy!  Wrapping up his sophomore year.  I'm in huge denial that he only has two more years of high school left.  There is something seriously wrong that.  He's achieved another 4.0 year and just took his first AP exam yesterday.  We're all anxious to find out what his score is.  He finds out next week if he will be part of the band leadership.  He's hoping to be section leader.

The National Student Leadership Conference is coming up in July.  I booked his flight this week and quickly burst into tears.  It is physically painful for me when I think about him going that far away from home on his own.  (There is still time to help support his trip too...

My darling hubby is burning the candle at both ends.  I'm not sure he knows how to "take it easy".  He is presently working 3 jobs...and might possibly take on fourth.  He's at the fire station 10 days a month, works part-time at Dick's Sporting Goods and takes care of the lawn for his two "girlfriends" (sweet little ladies from church).  The fourth job he might take on is being a coach at Crossfit.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  And he does all of this for me.  So I won't have to go back to work full time.

We had our 19th wedding anniversary this week...and I count my blessings every time I think of just how lucky I am to have to him.

I love my part-time job.  Working from 9-1 is perfect.  I feel guilty that I'm not working full-time though.  (Especially since Tony is working an unbelievable amount.)  Tony says it's my turn and he would actually prefer I don't work at all, but after 15+ years of bring home the bacon, it's weird to not...ya know?  I seriously miss my days of just laying around in my pjs though...I did get spoiled to that pretty quickly.  

Somehow, being out of the house and not just laying around has caused me to gain a few pounds...ugh!  So, I'm tracking my calories on the MyFitnessPal app and I've started trying to exercise some.  I seriously think my POTS is getting better, but I'm still scared to push myself too hard.  I refuse to go through a fatigue crash where I'm stuck in bed, but I also refuse to let this syndrome control my life.

On top of trying to eat better and adding exercise back into my life, I've also starting drinking a Zeal Wellness drink each day.  Zeal is pretty fantastic if you ask me.  I've been on it for a month now and I can tell the difference.  I can tell that my body is doing better at fighting off sicknesses too...especially with the serious fluctuation in temperatures lately.  You can visit for more about what is actually in the drink.

I promise to try to do better at keeping up with my FFF posts.  Especially with summer fun coming up!!!


Kendra Kelley said...

I'm glad you posted on facebook that you had more posts to be read! Ashton is gorgeous but I'm not looking forward to those teen days where G and I will be at odds. Quinn sounds like such an amazing determined young man! It's awesome that he's taking AP tests in 10th grade! I wish him the best of luck! Tony sounds like my husband, working his hiney off for the family. Great guys!! We are blessed! Praying for you, Becky! I've heard great things about Zeal. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Krysten Gautreaux said...

Yeah my mom and I had some ROUGH times when I was a teen. But it does get better, I promise.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, I have missed them. What an amazing family you have, thanks for the updates. Ashton is beautiful and things get better after the teens. I hope Quinn makes Section Leader, I know he would be a great one! I am sure Tony does feel good allowing you to spend more time with the kids and being home. Yay for feeling better and I know you will lose the extra pounds. :) Janet

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